We have a ratified agreement!

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We are pleased to announce that TAU members overwhelmingly (93.5%) voted to ratify our new contract with WMU. We expect that the WMU Board of Trustees will vote to ratify the agreement at their next meeting on July 8, and our new contract will take effect in August.

Thank you to all members who helped in this process, from our hardworking bargaining team members, our committed organizing committee members, and all of our members who showed up to meetings, demonstrations, retreats and other events. All of your effort combined won us an excellent new contract.

This new contract is a first step (and by all accounts, a large step as well) in the right direction. We were able to lower the cost of being a TA with concessions from WMU on enrollment fees and health care. We were also able to increase our income by at least 7% over the next three years. And we added more protection to our positions and standardized the DA appointment process.

Click here to see a 3-page summary of the new contract.

Click here to see  the entire rough draft of the agreement.