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The Union is only as strong as its active members.  Any member is welcome to participate and vote in our scheduled member meetings, as well as serving on committees within TAU and WMFCE.  Don’t forget, we’re also looking for Departmental Representatives.  Please take a look at the information below.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact

Departmental Stewards

As a steward, you will be the union’s ambassador to your program.  The level of involvement is up to you, but the ideal rep would actively engage members and non-members within your department, attend monthly meetings, assist in implementing union goals and programs, and offer service to the union through committee work.  But, it’s really up to you.

International Student Caucus

Recognizing that international graduate students are subject to different rules and requirements than domestic students, TAU will establish and maintain an International Student Caucus to represent the rights and views of international students within TAU and across the university.  Any member-in-good standing may join the International Student Caucus. The Caucus will elect three (3) co-chairs from among its membership every fall semester.

Standing Committees

Elections – Each partner union selects two members to serve on this committee, whose purpose is the coordination and validation of officer elections, special elections, and referendums.

Communications – charged with developing procedures and plans for effectively communicating the federation’s goals, values, activities, and achievements both to the membership and to the wider public. Specifically, it shall design, produce, and distribute a regular, printed communication to the membership and other printed or electronic material as necessary. Such materials may include but are not limited to a print newsletter, e-mail newsletter, website, flyers, and posters.

Dispute Resolution – works with member representatives in the resolution of contractual and non-contractual disputes in the workplace; maintain records of grievances and their disposition; be responsible for responding to and resolving grievances and disputes beyond the immediate work location; and make recommendations to the Executive Board regarding disputes to be taken to arbitration or civil remedy.

Finance – prepare and present an annual budget, oversee the dispersal of funds, establish internal audit committee, identify and pursue activities to generate income.

Outreach – develop programs and activities to encourage all eligible persons to join and participate in the federation and conduct activities that promote the social well-being of the membership, are attractive to potential members, and promote community among organized labor and in the society at large.

Political Education – encourage among the membership awareness of political issues affecting the interests of the federation, and guide the political activities of the federation in advocating for those interests and promoting democracy and equality in the society at large.

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