Officers & Representatives

Meetings, training, and organizing! Doing the good work.
The Eboard after a long day at work
Kristie being a Member President Kristie Bailey Political Science, PhD
Chelsea at Work (2) Vice President Chelsea Coss Communications, MA
Jaafar- Grillmaster Treasurer Jaafar Hachem Chemistry, PhD
Eric Standing (2) Comm. Officer Eric Gobel Medieval Studies, MA
Nora Happily Serving Watermelon Staff Nora Gimple (734) 493-2723


How can I help?
If you interested in becoming a steward in your department, please get involved! You can also email As part of the newly constructed rules of the union, each department may have as many representatives as are interested in participating.  Even better, our organizing committee is the main governing body of the union.  Get involved!



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